We wanted to create something where we can bring people together who are passionate about floating but most importantly exposing diversity in the OneWheel community. That's when Float Addicts was born.

Our mission is to bring the stoke and uplift the OneWheel community especially through these difficult times. We try to make the best of it by bringing positivity and unity within our brand. Regardless of skill level or board preference, we are one. We are Float Addicts.



Jeff Miles, Chris Ru, Brent Paiste


Ryan Caalim, Kama Gunderson, Kyle Spain,

Raphael Souza, Samuel Parrilla, Darren Cole

(Team/Ambassador Director)

Jay Ahumada

(Graphic Designer)

Richie Gould

(Graphic Designer)

Michael Aranda


Kyle Ames

(Service Tech)

Lucky Nguyen

(Chief Dirt Officer of Shred Summit)

Jason Kanady